Backlink and Profile Backlink 101

A backlink is simply a link between two websites. Backlinks are used as a ranking signal by search engines like Google, since links between two websites indicate the content is important. A site’s ranking position and visibility in search engine results (SEO) can be improved with the help of high-quality backlinks.

Backlinks: What Are They?

The importance of backlinks plays a key role in search engine algorithms, SEO, and your overall strategy for growing your website.

Considering backlinks as conversations among websites would be the easiest way to understand them.

As an example, John is a blogger who writes about a sports event.

A second blogger, Samantha, shares her perspective by referencing John’s article. This backlink creates a backlink to John’s post since she writes about this subject on a well-known online magazine.

Her article will be linked by many other sites due to the popularity of the online magazine. A respected website provides a valuable backlink to John’s article, which improves the authority of the online magazine.

The deal is a win-win in most ways.

Do you really need backlinks right now for your business?

Having links from highly reputable and popular websites increases the authority of your site significantly. They are also a great source of exposure and help in driving referral traffic.

 You can use the methods I listed in the article to build backlinks depending on your available business resources. The four sources I referred to at the beginning are spammy sources that should be avoided.

Definition of Backlink Profiles

Essentially, a backlink profile is a collection of links pointing to your website. Along with the number of backlinks, a backlink profile also details other link characteristics, including:

  • Types of links
  • Anchor text (i.e. the clickable text with the hyperlink)
  • Domain quality
  • Relevance

What is Profile Backlink with Examples

It is important to make a profile on the networking platform in order to increase the traffic on the site and attract more audience members. Websites that offer profile creation spread the magic of the feature, where everyone can create a profile and stay in touch with viewers. Find free PR creation sites below.

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